Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, a player I have always admired. Ronaldo has no tattoos and does not drink or smoke. He even regularly donates blood to people in need. He has four children named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, Mateo Ronaldo Alana Martina Ronaldo and Eva Maria Dos Santos Ronaldo.He even donated his golden boot and Ballon D’Or away and raised two million dollars for charities.

He is always encouraging other teammates and even opponents. When Ronaldo was a kid, his family were pretty poor. Even though his family was poor he was popular at his school but he was expelled at his school at the age of 14 after Ronaldo threw a chair at his teacher. Even though that this was a poor choice by Ronaldo he said he did this because his teacher was disrespecting him. Even though he got expelled, it turned out to be a great turning point for Ronaldo.

He has always been my favourite soccer player (well plus a few others) and he is always trying to improve at get better. He loves his family at his children and has always been there for people. I always look up to Ronaldo and don’t know what I would do with out him.



Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala, my favourite soccer player in the world. I watch the 23 year old player play soccer. I have never met Paulo Dybala but am hoping to since he has such a big influence on me. I always watch him play soccer and see how he is living his life. He was born in Argentina on November 15, 1993. The roots in his family are also from Poland, Italy and Argentina, but he decided to stay with the country where he was born. This is meaningful because I can watch him and learn lots of new stuff. I love to see how he does his Free Kicks, moves, runs and many more. He is a kind person and loves the beautiful game. By watching Paulo Dybala it affects me by seeing how good he is. It is also amazing that he can just own the pitch. (destroy everyone) He helps his family and he does not smoke. Watching Paulo Dybala play is letting my mind escape to somewhere I can enjoy, learn, be amazed and many more. He also donates blood. To me I find Paulo Dybala as not just my role model but I feel a connection when I watch him play soccer. If I see Paulo Dybala do a new trick, then I go outside and try it myself. The relationship that I have between him and myself is just me watching him and me just supporting him. I’d love to meet him in person one day but for now it is just me watching and learning and praying that I’ll meet him. And once I do, boy will I be happy.

Dybala Goals Against Barcelona

Dybala’s Best Goals 2018

dybala 2



LatelyIMG_6354 I have been playing a lot at school( At SMUS) and at home.

I have been playing Soccer, Hockey, Cross Country and lots of others.

I have been playing for a team on Bays United and in our first game we won 3-1!

IMG_6418_2 IMG_6487_2 IMG_6500_2I scored all of the goals!

My first team I got traded because there where to many players on the other team!

I have also been playing the viola at home and at SMUS.

What sports do you like?


Today at soccer we played against a team called the Panthers.
We beat them 4-3. I scored 2 goals and two other people on my team scored too.
Last week we lost 7-5 before we were winning 5-0 until they had a come back.
The season is almost over. the season started in September.
I can’t wait until we get our trophies at the end of the season.
Today me and my dad were watching Manchester United vs another team and we lost 2-1.
When I grow up I want to play soccer.