Common Goal

For those of you who follow soccer or the premier league, you would know being a manchester united fan is not easy right now. From losing to teams with not as much class to losing some of our best players consequential to bad ownership.

Through all of the bad that is going on with the club, there are many positive and bright things coming for the club in the near future. From the staff itself to some of the players. Time will only tell what happens to the club on the sports side but when it comes to the players, it is amazing. One of the best examples is by Juan Mata, the 31-year-old from Spain has started a fund-raiser called common goal.

It’s for soccer players to donate 1% of their salary a week. Where if you sign up, you donate 1% of your salary to charities. Now when you think about how much soccer players earn, it is mind-blowing.

Some making up too $500,000 pounds a week. (Nearly 850,000 Canadian dollars a week!) Some big-name players like Serge Gnabry, Mats Hummels, Peter Schmeichel Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool manager)  and Juan Mata himself all doing this. Most of them making at least $200,000 pounds a week each.

The other real positive thing about this is that Mata is very humble about this and not doing this to look cool or sound like a good person. No one told him to do this, and no one made this idea for him. Things like this are very positive for a team like manchester united where the owners could almost look up at Mata and the little things like this. 

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One thought on “Common Goal

  1. Hi Cole

    Well written, l agree Mata is a good example of how well paid soccer players can help the less fortunate.
    Equally good is that you you have taken notice of this and support it.

    Well done

    Love Granddad

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