About Cole

Hi my name is Cole and this is my blog. This blog is just about my life and what I do in it.

I love to travel, explore and play sports. The sports I mainly like to play are:  Soccer, Hockey, basketball and track and field.

I have an awesome life and an awesome family, please enjoy my blog:)




4 thoughts on “About Cole

  1. Hi Cole

    Fair & Equal?

    I would say that fair is just, and equal is a balance.

    It is FAIR that both Jack and John have an apple, that is just.

    Eating the EQUAL amounts of sweets and vegetables is a balance.

    Good food for thought your man, well done!

    Love Granddad

  2. Hi Cole

    Thanks for posting the photos of your Easter break, it certainly looked like a beautiful place. I envy you having a bonfire by the beach, one of my favourite pastimes. I have sent your Dad a few sport newspapers documenting the problems at MFC, hope Brian Giggs will help sort them out. I’m sure you will get a chance to read them.

    I have just returned from a business trip to France, and drove there through the Chunnel, it was kind of strange driving your car into a train carriage and then sitting in the car and travelling under water for 35min. Strange but interesting to pop up in France so quickly. I will be going to France again in July when Mia comes to visit us, we will be taking her to meet her Mum and Dad in southern France, so that will be fun.

    Well enjoy the remainder of the weekend and have a wonderful week next.

    Love Grandad

  3. Hi Cole
    Neat shirt and what a great blog, good for you, and thanks for sharing your interests.
    I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again next month,, although only for a very short time, but certainly better than not seeing you at all.

    Do you get to go to the bech very often, it must be very nice to live so close to the water. Although England is an island, surrounded by water, we are about two hours from the beach, so I think that you are very lucky

    I am going to Sweden on a business trip in ten days, it is very much like Canada with lots of trees and water, take a look at the atlas and you see where it is.

    Well , that’s all for now, i look forward to more updates on your blog

    Lots of Love

  4. Mon Cher Cole

    Comme tu est un garçon fantastique!

    J’aime beaucoup ton blog. On peut pense que c’est expression est seulement parce que je t’aime beaucoup, comme tu deja connais! Mais c’est pas la verite complete.

    Ton blog a un bon vie et sentiment. Il a de bonne lumière, et il est très interressant, avec des choses spéciales de toi.

    Et moi, je connais cet yeux de toi magnifique!

    Je suis certaine que tu va jour du hockey et du soccer quand tu serais adult, comme tu a deja commence maintenant.

    Mecri pour ton blog, Cole, et bravo a toi pour ton Blog!


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