For sale $$$

This bike is for sale. I made it myself.20121014-103424.jpg

It has 3 wheels. They are blue.

It took me 2 hours to build.

The price is $4. I will mail it to you.


14 thoughts on “For sale $$$

  1. Hi Cole – just want to follow-up with you to let you know how much Zoe enjoyed the bike you made! She was delighted. I gave it to her disassembled, and after a few minutes, she had it figured out – not bad for a 3 year old. We just got to see her two weekends ago, even though she was back from Australia early January. She has a new horse, Miss Brooks, and we had fun watching her ride a draft horse named Samson. Maybe your Mom or Dad could show you the pictures I posted of her on Facebook? We really had a fun day on the farm.
    Take care & thanks again – I know Zoe will get hours of fun from the bike you made.

  2. Hi Cole, sorry about the delay but the cheque is in the mail. I also wrote to you that I would like to order another one for Uncle Roy’s birthday. Is this possible? Do you have enough parts?

  3. Hi Cole – I received the bike, too, and mailed you a cheque on Wed. Dec 13. Please let me know when you get it OK? The bike is really colourful. I know Zoe will love it, but she is away in Australia for six weeks. It will be a nice surprise when she returns.
    Have a great Christmas – enjoy your travels.

  4. Hi Cole, just wanted to let you know that I received the bike you made, thank you so much. Mia is going to love it! I will send you the money I owe you, including the $12 for postage and handling. Xoxoxo xox Auntie Nicole

  5. Hi Cole – my misunderstanding. That’s perfect – I’m in no rush. Didn’t want you to think I’d received it and wasn’t sending you the money. I can stop worrying now…(LOL).

  6. Hi Cole. Want to let you know unfortunately I haven’t received the parcel yet. I think two weeks should be lots of time for it to reach here, so wanted to check and see approximately when you mailed it? Thanks very much!

  7. Thanks, Cole. Please remember to send me the cost of the postage, and I’ll include that with the payment.

  8. Hi Cole, I would like to buy your bike. I would like to give it to a 3 year old friend of mine for her birthday. After you package it up and pay for the postage, let me know the total and i will send you the money. I believe your Dad or Mom will vouch for me.
    PO Box 426, Horsefly, BC V0L 1L0
    Thanks very much!

  9. Cole, can I buy one for Mia for Xmas?? But please don’t tell her..our secret. I’m going to see your Dad next weekend perhaps he can bring it with him and I will give him the money to give to you? Deal?

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