In London we saw a lot!!

We got some money as s gift we could buy some stuff!!

Claire lost her tooth in London



4 thoughts on “London

  1. Hi Cole, thanks for the blog post. I wish I could have been there for the ‘shopping spree’, we had fun last year when Grandad took all the kids shopping. What did you buy? What other cool London sites did you see?

  2. I know you had a cold but it sounds like you found a way to enjoy yourself anyway. I love London and hope I can go back one day. I want to visit the pub where Charles Dickens used to go when he was writing his books. It is still there! I did not see the Tower of London yet. Was it interesting? Thanks for sharing your trip with us. :0)

  3. Where did Claire lose her tooth? Was she able to find it?….hahahaha
    Glad you enjoyed London. What did you buy with your money?

  4. Hi Cole – I’m glad you enjoyed shopping with the money that Grandad gave you for christmas – that was really fun. What a fabulous time we have been having and I loved seeing Big Ben and the Tower of London. One more day until we go home, sadly… xo

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