Flowers are pretty cool because some of them smell really good like roses they smell terrific.
I also like red, purple, yellow and blue flowers.
Did you know that if you smell flowers and you are sick, you should smell flowers because they clear up your nostrils.
In our garden we have pink, purple, white, red and orange flowers.
I wonder if there are green, brown, green and even grey flowers?
I think there are so many flowers I don’t even want to think about counting them.



7 thoughts on “Flowers

  1. I absolutely adore flowers- every kind, shape, colour and size. Flowers make me happy and always bring a smile. Even reading about flowers in your blog entry made me happy. Thank you, Cole!

  2. Ya you should and I hope you get better because you feel really sick you know why I know because I have your blood.
    You should really smell flowers. PS
    When you get back we have flowers

  3. Cole – I love this photo of the flower because I LOVE gerbera daisies. There are so many beautiful flowers on this earth and I love walking past flower shops with all the bright colours of roses, tulips, daisies and so many more kinds of flowers! When I’m not feeling well, I like the smell of peppermint because it clears up my head but flowers could do that too! What made you write about flowers today?

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