Moving back to Vancouver

I am very happy I am moving back to Vancouver.
What I am sad about is that I am losing my school SMUS and lots of other stuff like our house, and the beach we would go walking down to the beach in summer and watch the sun go down.
When we were in Vancouver last week, we got a new car and me and my dad went to a hockey game – Canucks VS Flyers…… The flyers won:(
I will miss this Victoria house but I am excited about Vancouver.





5 thoughts on “Moving back to Vancouver

  1. Wow, Moving back to Vancouver, that is so exciting! When are you going to move? The only thing I don’t like about moving is packing all of my stuff, what about you?
    Love allexa 🙂

  2. Hello Cole
    I enjoyed reading your blog on moving back to Vancouver. I am sure that you will miss your school and friends in Victoria, but you will make lots of new friends when you return to Vancouver!!!! Sounds like you had a great time at the hockey game.
    Grandma Debbie

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