Our Pond

Cate and I started doing something fun yesterday.

We go outside where our pond is frozen and we bring lots and lots of tools to help us make an ice rink.

It is so strong that we can walk on it and skate on it with our feet.

Yesterday I could jump as high as I could and then I would try to break the pond but…….it didn’t work.

I had a dream that I was jumping and I fell into the pond.




4 thoughts on “Our Pond

  1. Hey Cole, How deep is your pond? Do fish live in it in the summer? There is lake close to my house, in Nova Scotia, that is frozen enough to skate on. It’s called ‘Chocolate Lake’ and I wish it was made of real chocolate instead of water 🙂

  2. Cole- I love that you wrote about this. We were sharing this story with the family and laughing about how we entertain ourselves in this west coast winter. You definitely wouldn’t be out in your pyjamas in Ontario on a frozen pond! xo

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