imageRespect to me is about helping others and not being rude.

Also, it’s not just caring about yourself but also others.

It could be meaning to take a moment to think about how great we have it in life.

If everybody in the world was respectful then the world would get along way better.

I demonstrate respect bye: Not being rude, Helping others, and being mindful about our life.


6 thoughts on “Respect

  1. Beautiful post Cole. I agree, if we were all respectful of each other we would definitely get along much better. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of respectfulness.

  2. This was very warming to read Cole. Showing once again, that you truly understand the importance of considering others in your daily life. Well done, I am proud that you are my Grandson.

  3. This is such a meaningful piece of writing about the virtue of respect, Cole! Thanks for sharing!

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