Heading up to Shawnigan Lake

It felt like forever sitting in that Toyota van. Singing and yelling and talking really loud.

We were heading up to my friend’s cabin. His name was Ty.

Once we got there it was 3:00. Once we unpacked it was 3:10. Their cabin was right in the woods.

We were just about to play a game called manhunt but before we could start, Ty’s mom said that there are a lot of bears so we would have to be careful. And at the time I did not know what bears were.

She said, “If you see one, scream really loud and back away slowly.” The people we were playing with were Ty, Cate (my sister), Jack (Ty’s brother), Peyton (Ty’s sister) and myself.

Cate was it and then she counted down from 30.

bear-and-dearI hid right beside a bush.

After I hid I saw something move. Then I backed up a bit.

Then I saw a deer. I thought the deer was a bear so I made a lot of noise and backed away slowly.

I saw a baby deer behind the big deer so after that point I ran and ran and boy was I running.

After I got back to the cabin I called everybody in because I did not want the others to get hurt by it. I told the others about it but they did not believe me.

Then I forgot about it and enjoyed the rest of my time.

The End.


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