Mr Stink By David Walliams

Mr Stink

By: David Walliams


“Mr Stink stank. He also stunk. And if it’s correct English to say he stinked, then he stinked as well. He was the stinkiest stinky stinker who ever lived. A stink is the worst type of smell. A stink is worse than a stench. And a stench is worse than a pong. And a pong is worse than a whiff. And a wiff can make your nose wrinkle.”




Mr Stink: An old tramp who lives on the streets that just wants to help out, Chloe: A curious girl that just wants to know everything, Annabelle: The younger sister of Chloe that respects mom and dad and is a tattle tale, Mom: One of those mom’s that tells lies to become famous, Dad: One of those honest dad’s that just tells the truth and, Duchess (The Dog)


Favourite Part Of Story


My personal favourite part of the story was when the mom lies and says “I invited this stinky old tramp to live in my house” When Chloe actually did. The journalist was there when the mom said that and the journalist said “You’re probably going to be a MP and be on the newspaper!” This was my favourite part because she was drooling on the phone and she likes him even though she has a husband.



I wondered why the mom wanted to be the MP so much. Then I read some more and found out that she just wanted to be famous.



1.  When Chloe is sticking up for mr stink  when the MP is making fun of him while Chloe is scared of bullies.{This has happened to me when my friend was being bullied by a grade 5 kid and I stuck up for him.} 2. When Annabelle is trying to make Chloe in trouble. {I have done this before to my SISTERS and trying to get them into trouble.




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