Science field trip

Today in school we went to UVIC to learn about the solar system and all the planets. We learned about Kepler 22-B being the only other planet “Out there” That has life on it because it is close enough to the sun and not to far away from the sun. (The Goldie locks zone)

One thing that I found really interesting is that NASA sent out a rocket-ship to go further than Pluto lies right now and to go to further places that we have never been to before.

One thing that I am now interested in is how stars are created and how they can grow up just like us and then eventually turn old and then explode.


2 thoughts on “Science field trip

  1. The idea of stars being like us is a good analogy Cole. have you looked into what happens when they “die.” The process if very interesting and I am always amazed at how astronomers “know” what happens. A lot of their thoughts are only theories.

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