“Sugar Is Killing Us”

In Science we have been learning about how sugar is killing us. I’d like to answer three specific questions about sugar. 

What is one thing you already knew?

One thing that I already knew was if you had way too much sugar you would get diabetes. Getting diabetes from sugar is not the only way to get it. Some unfortunate people are born with it or are diagnosed with it for other reasons.

What is one thing you learned?

One thing that I learned was how if you had a lot of sugar in one day and kept that pattern going it would be hard for your body to digest. This is because every time you have sugar your body has to digest it. Over time if you kept up this pattern your body would shut down and this is also one way in which heart attacks are caused.

Based on your sugar consumption what is one thing you may want to consider changing after watching the video?

One thing that I would change about my sugar diet would be to count the grams of sugar I have each day. This would be good because then I can be mindful of how much sugar I have each day. Knowing how much sugar I eat every day will allow me to know my daily sugar intake. 
Here is a video where you can discover a few more facts about sugar. 

Video about Sugar and how it’s killing us


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