Our Summer Trip ( Part 2 )

Our trip is over, we are on our way home but we are on a airplane right now.
This has been a really fun trip.
I don’t know what to start with?
Last night I had a tough time falling asleep because our trip was over and it has felt so short.
I don’t know why?
My top 5 things on our trip
5. Going to all the memorials, my favourite one was in New York the twin towers
4. NHL hockey hall of fame in Toronto I got to touch the Stanley Cup and got my photo taken with the Stanley Cup
3. Seeing the statue of liberty
2. Going in all the car, subway, buildings, bikes, boats, hotels and houses
1. Seeing friends and family, for example Mia, Nicole, Roy grandparents Adam, Zoe, Sue, Chris, Michelle, Tyler and other friends. This has been such an awesome trip I will never forget this trip I have the best parents ever thank Mom and Dad! From Cole


Our trip to Gig Harbor (First post after the summer)

Our trip was fun. We stayed there for 3 weeks.
There was a beach right beside us.
There was a fire pit and we had a lot of fire.We had s’mores and marshmallows, YUM!!!
In the house there was a loft.
There was jellyfish in the water at the beach. BE CAREFUL!!!
We had a canoe and we had a few rides on the canoe.
It rained only once but it was raining really really hard and there was some thunder and lightning.
The thunder and lightning started at 1 AM and it stopped at 3 AM.
The sunsets where really really pink and red.
We went to a baseball game with the Seattle Mariners vs the Toronto Blue Jays.
At Safeway we got marshmallows shaped as stars.
It was really fun.