Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale, probably the biggest hit at the moment. A game for all ages designed by Epic Games. The question is, what makes this game so popular compared to other games? I don’t know about other households, but mine is not quite the one where they enjoy guns or gun games. And I can say, that Fortnite is a gun game and my parents are A-Ok with that! Now that really proves a point about the game.

It starts out with you in the pregame lobby with 100 other people. You then automatically board the “Battle Bus” when all 100 people have loaded into the game. You then choose where you want to land. There are many places on the map ranging from the city “Tilted Towers” to little factories like “Flush Factory” and many other places. Since Fortnite Release, they have made over one billion dollars! Which is also quite outstanding since it is a FREE game!

There are two modes in Fortnite. There is Save the World which released on July 25, 2017 and there Fortnite Battle Royale which released on September 26, 2017. Like I said earlier, it is a battle royale gun game and there are different modes that you can play. There are the classic modes like Solo (by yourself) Duos (with a friend) and Squads (with 3 other friends) There are also LTM modes (Limited Time Modes) A few would be for example, 50v50 which is just what it sounds like, Solid Gold which is where it only drops gold weapons (Legendary Weapons) and many other LTM’s.

The thing that makes this battle royale game from the rest is the fact you can build and break the environment around you. And it is not a first person shooter game but a third person shooter game. It is also not realistic but quite cartoon like.

Once you get in the game and found some loot, a “storm” will form and you do not want to be in that storm or else you will lose health. The other thing that makes people love the game is the amount of effort Epic Games puts into Fortnite with map changes occurring almost every hour. There are also seasons in Fortnite and you can buy the “Battle Pass” if you desire. There are also many live events that occured in the game as well.

As soon as there are no people left besides you and or your friends, you get what is called a “Victory Royale” but unfortunately wins from LTM’s do not count. There are also 80 Million people playing fortnite as of August 2018.

In the end, Fortnite Battle Royale is a great game and I personally think everyone should at least try it.

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