Global Warming

Don’t you love Earth? So green, blue water everywhere, billions and billions of planets when you look up at night, fresh air, trees and garbage everywhere. Garbage everywhere? Was that a typo? Unfortunately not. Over the years, more and more new stuff has came out from companies and sometimes those new inventions or that new product could turn humans a little lazy. Look at Google Home or Amazon Echo. You can literally ask it to do anything and it basically will. “Hey Google, turn my lights off!” Yes, you can do that. Unfortunately, google home can’t throw out that granola bar wrapper that you just ate. So what do humans do? Litter. That’s right, we damage our own planet.

In the 1980s, people were saying, “I bet by 2020, we will have flying cars.” Well, guess what, we almost do have flying cars. But do you know what else we are almost at? The point of no return to save our planet from Global Warming. We are 180 months away from no return to save the planet. That’s right. When have you ever had to think about your future in that way? And by that way, I mean humans possibly facing extinction.

Did you know that with the Notre Dame burning down, the 1 billion dollars donated to it could have been used to clear all the garbage from the ocean! Read that line over again. We are 180 months away from the point of no return and we just donated to something that we could actually not be finished. Now don’t get me wrong, Notre Dame is a huge part of France and Paris and even the world, but that money could have been used to so much better stuff.

Stores in Victoria BC have begun thinking about the future of the planet and how to reduce waste and started something called ‘B.Y.O.B’ (Bring your own bag) After this rule was put into action, stores that had plastic bags were not allowed to buy anymore and started charging 15 cents for a plastic bag. After stores ran out of plastic bags, they started charging 15 cents for recyclable bags. You can also choose to not have a bag and not pay. Now, this is a huge step but also a really small one. If we want to save our planet, we need to do the little things like this.

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