This is in Germany!

I want to live here!!

This is at the Christmas Market in Frankfurt!!!



7 thoughts on “Germany

  1. I love Nutella! YuM!
    Glad you are having a nice and enjoying Germany. I look forward to hearing more about your travels!

  2. Hi Cole. This is your Mom & Dad’s friend from England. Welcome to Europe!! What an exciting trip for you and I love those first few photos you’ve taken of Germany. I’m sure you’ll take hundreds more of Paris and London. I hope you can learn a few words in the German and French languages while you are in Europe. The local people will love it if you can. I hope you have a truly wonderful time when you get here to England. London is a very magical place at Christmas time.

  3. Hi Cole! What an awesome Christmas present to be in Europe for the holidays! Have fun! Love the photos! Merry Christmas!

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