Bad Habits

Bad habits are something that is pretty hard to stop depending what it is. It is getting rid of a bad routine. Bad habits could include such as not making your bed in the morning or going on your phone before bed. The list is huge and is pretty easy once you put your mind to it. I have a list of bad habits that I hope to get rid of before 2019 ends!

Some are,

  • Not making my bed before school
  • Not turning my lights off before school
  • Not putting my dishes in the dishwasher when I’m done with my food
  • Not going on tech then doing my homework, doing my homework first then go on tech
  • Getting up in the morning on my own (my mom generally has to wake me up because I’m really slow at getting moving especially in mornings
  • Rather then spend money right away, save it
  • Read a lot more than I currently am

Now I’m sure we can all think of some bad habits that we can break. Sometimes, you don’t even think about it. Sometimes the bad habit will be used so much in your daily routine, it will be hard to make the switch. But, if I can do it, so can you!

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Maui 2018-2019

During Christmas break, my family and I went to a beautiful place called ‘Maui.’ From the sunsets to the beaches, it seemed as if we had just arrived in heaven. My family and I left on December 14, and got back on December 27. I can say this right now, it felt like 3 days.

It all started out with us landing in Maui at around 11PM Maui time. It was so beautiful and as soon as I walked in, I could smell the fresh smell of Maui air. One of the only places where I have been to where the air has a distinct smell.

By the time we were finally at our hotel, it was around 1AM Maui time. By the way, Maui is two hours behind Victoria time so it felt like 3AM. I can’t stress it enough, but the trip went by SO fast!

It feels like we had more shaved ices than hours spent there. A shaved ice is the first photo but also known as a snow kone. Shaved ice is what is sounds like. Shaved ice with flavouring of your choice. My personal favourites are bubble gum, cotton candy and mango.

Our favourite beach was called DT Fleming. “The best beach in 2006” The waves were so nice they would form right on you and it was pretty shallow. The waves would break and then there would be whitecaps everywhere. By far the best beach I have ever been too and so far in my life, the best beach I have ever been too.

Even though this was our third time visiting Maui, I want too go again. That’s how beautiful it is. That’s how stunning it is. That’s how majestic it is.

I love Maui!

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2018 going into 2019

Although 2018 was a good year, it was also pretty rough for me and other people. I had an emergency appendix, my dad had an emergency gallbladder, my mom got her inguinal hernia removed, my older sister Claire, kept fainting for no reason and my younger sister Cate, well it seemed as if everything was going right for her.

There were many things that went well though in 2018 such as being chosen to go to Sweden for a soccer tournament and many other things.  Some related to school and soccer but another soccer example would be winning a bring it indoors tournament which was also very fun scoring five goals in four games.

Now I am thankful for all the good things that have happened to me this year but if I could go back, I would definitely not have a repeat of this year but at the same time, I would love to have a repeat of this year. So in 2019, I would love to have a better year health-wise, and the same amount of energetic and fun things. Such as going to Australia, Maui, Toronto and many other places.

We also got to enjoy England’s good journey to the semi-final in the World Cup. Not only were things good for me, but an example would also be my younger sister, Cate, getting the main part in her opera and nailing it! So as 2018 ends, all I want for 2019 is a happy, healthy and energetic year. So for now, BYE 2018! AND HELLO 2019!

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My ankle

Yesterday at this party called alumni weekend for SMUS my friends and I were drinking water and someone by accident poured some boiling hot water on my foot. I could not walk on it. I could not play rugby for the half time game and it was really really swelling up. My mom took me to the nurse and the nurse offered me a wheelchair. Here is a photo of my ankle swelling up.


Nanoose Bay

We took a vacation for the 4 day weekend and went to Nanoose Bay.
It was for Easter.
I got to sleep in a big bed by myself.
I got a lot of Easter eggs.
In the morning we had to wait for our parents so I played on my iPad
I played Scrabble.
In the back yard there was a humongous tree fort. It was so big.
There was also a beach right in front of us.
I loved the place.
My dad said if it was for sale my dad would buy it.
There was an awesome fire place there too.
The girls slept together in a bunk bed.
We spent 5 days 4 nights at the house.
I liked it a lot.
I wish I could live there.
Our driveway would be good for hockey.
But we did not bring our net or sticks or pads.




Today I Got My First Debit Card and Library Card

Today I went to the bank and the library.
At the bank I got a debit card but it’s just a starter one.
They are going to give me my real one in 2 weeks. I am so excited to save money. Grand-Dad gave me $160 already!
At the library I got a card so I can get books whenever I want.
The library is really close to where I live.
I also love reading.



Fixing Wii

At home my Wii caught on fire.
The sensor for the Wii caught on fire.
The Wii still works but it is hard to control it.
I have around 50 games. My favourite one right now is 2k9 hockey.
When I play that game I am always the Vancouver Canucks.
After this post I am going to go play Wii.
2k9 is a really hard game to win.
Here are some photos.



we are not moving to vancouver


You know my other post called, we are moving to Vancouver? Well we are not moving to Vancouver now.

My parents took me to the beach with Claire and Cate and they told us all at the same time and my Dad was filming us.

I was sort of happy and sort of sad.

And after that I was skipping rocks and trying to hit a log because I put a log in the water. I hit the log.

I like Victoria because there is not as much rain as Vancouver or Seattle. There are more days of sunshine in Victoria than Vancouver too.


Honesty means always telling the truth like saying for example, my dad is bald, my mum has curls in her hair.
My mom and my dad are really good people to look up to because they are honest.
Without honesty the whole world would be a lie.
Here’s a story about honesty. Me and one of my friends were doing math outside on an iPad until my friend turned to me and knocked over the iPad I was using, and then I dropped the iPad on the pavement and I had to tell my teacher that I dropped the iPad and so I said sorry.
That’s a good example of honesty.

Honesty is important because you could get in lots of trouble if you lie to other people.

Honesty can build trust between friends and family.