Today I Got My First Debit Card and Library Card

Today I went to the bank and the library.
At the bank I got a debit card but it’s just a starter one.
They are going to give me my real one in 2 weeks. I am so excited to save money. Grand-Dad gave me $160 already!
At the library I got a card so I can get books whenever I want.
The library is really close to where I live.
I also love reading.




6 thoughts on “Today I Got My First Debit Card and Library Card

  1. Congrats Cole. Firsts are aways fun and important. These two are real steps in growing up. Use the 2 cards wisely. Can’t wait to hear about the books you get and read on YOUR card and how you use your debit card.

  2. Cole- I was so proud of you as you deposited your money into your bank account and learned all about your debit card. And I love that you have your own library card and can take out books whenever we decide to walk up to the library. Well done – you’re growing up! Now we can learn all about how to save money!! 🙂

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