Fixing Wii

At home my Wii caught on fire.
The sensor for the Wii caught on fire.
The Wii still works but it is hard to control it.
I have around 50 games. My favourite one right now is 2k9 hockey.
When I play that game I am always the Vancouver Canucks.
After this post I am going to go play Wii.
2k9 is a really hard game to win.
Here are some photos.




4 thoughts on “Fixing Wii

  1. Caught on fire! Are you okay? Did it catch on fire because someone was playing it all day?

  2. Woah! It caught on fire?!
    I like to play Wii with you as well. What was that game called that we usually play, adventure something?
    Miss you Cole 🙂

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