we are not moving to vancouver


You know my other post called, we are moving to Vancouver? Well we are not moving to Vancouver now.

My parents took me to the beach with Claire and Cate and they told us all at the same time and my Dad was filming us.

I was sort of happy and sort of sad.

And after that I was skipping rocks and trying to hit a log because I put a log in the water. I hit the log.

I like Victoria because there is not as much rain as Vancouver or Seattle. There are more days of sunshine in Victoria than Vancouver too.


2 thoughts on “we are not moving to vancouver

  1. Victoria is definitely a beautiful city, Vancouver is too so I see why you might be both happy and sad. One good thing is that they are close together and you can enjoy both of them!

    Your poll question is a very hard one to answer. It is hard to pick just one of these cities that I would like to live in.

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