Easter Once Again


 I love Easter because 1.) you get lots of chocolate and 2.) it is fun to go on the hunt for eggs.

Today I just lost my tooth and I cannot wait until the Tooth Fairy comes. 

I got lots of chocolate eggs and bunnies. 

Easter is my 2nd favourite holiday, after Christmas.

We stayed in a house that we rented in a place called Nanoose Bay.

It was a really nice place. There was a beach, a fire pit and comfy beds.

It seems to be a tradition to go up to Nanoose Bay every year. Well, we went last year too.


Nanoose Bay

We took a vacation for the 4 day weekend and went to Nanoose Bay.
It was for Easter.
I got to sleep in a big bed by myself.
I got a lot of Easter eggs.
In the morning we had to wait for our parents so I played on my iPad
I played Scrabble.
In the back yard there was a humongous tree fort. It was so big.
There was also a beach right in front of us.
I loved the place.
My dad said if it was for sale my dad would buy it.
There was an awesome fire place there too.
The girls slept together in a bunk bed.
We spent 5 days 4 nights at the house.
I liked it a lot.
I wish I could live there.
Our driveway would be good for hockey.
But we did not bring our net or sticks or pads.