Maui 2018-2019

During Christmas break, my family and I went to a beautiful place called ‘Maui.’ From the sunsets to the beaches, it seemed as if we had just arrived in heaven. My family and I left on December 14, and got back on December 27. I can say this right now, it felt like 3 days.

It all started out with us landing in Maui at around 11PM Maui time. It was so beautiful and as soon as I walked in, I could smell the fresh smell of Maui air. One of the only places where I have been to where the air has a distinct smell.

By the time we were finally at our hotel, it was around 1AM Maui time. By the way, Maui is two hours behind Victoria time so it felt like 3AM. I can’t stress it enough, but the trip went by SO fast!

It feels like we had more shaved ices than hours spent there. A shaved ice is the first photo but also known as a snow kone. Shaved ice is what is sounds like. Shaved ice with flavouring of your choice. My personal favourites are bubble gum, cotton candy and mango.

Our favourite beach was called DT Fleming. “The best beach in 2006” The waves were so nice they would form right on you and it was pretty shallow. The waves would break and then there would be whitecaps everywhere. By far the best beach I have ever been too and so far in my life, the best beach I have ever been too.

Even though this was our third time visiting Maui, I want too go again. That’s how beautiful it is. That’s how stunning it is. That’s how majestic it is.

I love Maui!

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Mindful Time

Today we are going on a journey in your mind, but before take a moment to find a place that is comfortable…

Now take three deep breaths in and out In and Out. In and Out. One last time In and Out.

Where are you?. On a sandy beach, in a forest, on a mountain, anywhere. Find a comfortable place to sit in your special place…


Take a moment to look at your surroundings and the sounds that are near you…


Now it is time to go first get up slowly….

Start walking to your transportation what is it, A plane, a car, a bike? anything….

While you are in your transportation find something to do……

Once you get home go to your door of your house and take one last breath of the air…


May I be filled with loving kindness

May I be well and at ease

May I be happy