Mindful Time 2

Here is a mindful visualization, so first close your eyes and take there deep breaths in and out.    

  You are sleeping. Where are you sleeping(think) Where ever you are wake up. You see what’s around you and you wonder how you got here. Where were you before this?( think) Because the last time you checked you were somewhere different before you fell asleep. Now stand up. Walk forward. There is something in front of you.( think) Now that you have felt what is infront of you just look at your left then right. Can you smell something underground? You will see a staircase. Go down the stairs. You see the food now. What type of food is it?( think) Now walk back up the stairs. Now you are on the last step take that step and. You have fell back asleep. You wake up again and you now see that you are at home. Does your home look like your real home or a different home. ( think) Go down the stairs and you will see a person or more. Who might that person be? ( think) Well whoever it is say hello. And the rest of it is yours to create.



Mindful Time

Today we are going on a journey in your mind, but before take a moment to find a place that is comfortable…

Now take three deep breaths in and out In and Out. In and Out. One last time In and Out.

Where are you?. On a sandy beach, in a forest, on a mountain, anywhere. Find a comfortable place to sit in your special place…


Take a moment to look at your surroundings and the sounds that are near you…


Now it is time to go first get up slowly….

Start walking to your transportation what is it, A plane, a car, a bike? anything….

While you are in your transportation find something to do……

Once you get home go to your door of your house and take one last breath of the air…


May I be filled with loving kindness

May I be well and at ease

May I be happy