BreakoutEDU Pax

Yesterday we did a Breakout EDU Friday September 29, 2016. We did a scavenger hunt/ Pax adventure. Pax is written by Sara Pennypacker and illustrated by Jon klassen.

We had to figure out two codes, one combo and one letters. I was more focused on the combo lock because I know how to work those looks.

It was really fun and all of my class had a great time especially when we unlocked it. Personally the thing that went most well for me was finding all of the clues to get closer and closer to figuring out the code.

The thing that I found most trickey was cracking the lock but what made that easier was finding the clues. The thing that I would do next time is be more open and more observant.



Mindful Time 2

Here is a mindful visualization, so first close your eyes and take there deep breaths in and out.    

  You are sleeping. Where are you sleeping(think) Where ever you are wake up. You see what’s around you and you wonder how you got here. Where were you before this?( think) Because the last time you checked you were somewhere different before you fell asleep. Now stand up. Walk forward. There is something in front of you.( think) Now that you have felt what is infront of you just look at your left then right. Can you smell something underground? You will see a staircase. Go down the stairs. You see the food now. What type of food is it?( think) Now walk back up the stairs. Now you are on the last step take that step and. You have fell back asleep. You wake up again and you now see that you are at home. Does your home look like your real home or a different home. ( think) Go down the stairs and you will see a person or more. Who might that person be? ( think) Well whoever it is say hello. And the rest of it is yours to create.


Grade 4

I am really excited about grade 4 at SMUS.
There is a lot more stuff to do. For example, strings, squash and lots of other interesting things for me to learn.
I have supplies to bring now because when you are in grade k, 1, 2, 3 you get supplies from the teacher but now I have my own stuff.
My older sister is at a party at a beach near where we live and it just started to rain really hard, I’m sure everybody is huddling under a tent and saying, “Why did it have to be raining today”.


Grade 3 is over

On June 12 school ended for us. Claire, Cate and I are so happy school is over and we can finally enjoy summer.

I love summer.

I am going into grade 4. Cate is going into grade 2. Claire is going into grade 6. Claire is now at the middle school.

I can’t wait until I find out my new teacher because there are two grade 4 teachers but we only get one teacher. They split the class into half.

1. I really liked my teacher, Mr. Hawes because he was very funny.

2. I liked Sports Day and Growing plants.

3. In math we learned multiplication and division.

4. Handwriting was hard but cool.







School is over

Grade 2 is now over. I had fun moments in grade 2 like when me and Kelsey were in the hedge together. Our grade 2 play. Playing with my friends and playing soccer with the grade 1’s but most of the time my team won. My team was Xander and Alec and me. Mrs.Duffus was really nice.