BreakoutEDU Pax

Yesterday we did a Breakout EDU Friday September 29, 2016. We did a scavenger hunt/ Pax adventure. Pax is written by Sara Pennypacker and illustrated by Jon klassen.

We had to figure out two codes, one combo and one letters. I was more focused on the combo lock because I know how to work those looks.

It was really fun and all of my class had a great time especially when we unlocked it. Personally the thing that went most well for me was finding all of the clues to get closer and closer to figuring out the code.

The thing that I found most trickey was cracking the lock but what made that easier was finding the clues. The thing that I would do next time is be more open and more observant.




This post is about whales.
Last night I was reading and I thought to write a post about whales.
Did you know that Whales are in danger? People used to hunt whales and then eat them.
My favourite type of whales are Killer whales.
My 4th favourite animal is the killer whale. Dogs, cats and tigers are my top three.
There are two names for the killer whale: killer whale and orca.
When we were in Maui in 2013, we went whale watching and then we saw lots of humpback whales. After whale watching we got shave ice.
The pictures below are from Maui.