Grade 3 is over

On June 12 school ended for us. Claire, Cate and I are so happy school is over and we can finally enjoy summer.

I love summer.

I am going into grade 4. Cate is going into grade 2. Claire is going into grade 6. Claire is now at the middle school.

I can’t wait until I find out my new teacher because there are two grade 4 teachers but we only get one teacher. They split the class into half.

1. I really liked my teacher, Mr. Hawes because he was very funny.

2. I liked Sports Day and Growing plants.

3. In math we learned multiplication and division.

4. Handwriting was hard but cool.








6 thoughts on “Grade 3 is over

  1. Well done Cole, we too are very proud. Thanks for sharing the photos, its always good to see what you are doing – have great summer. love Granddad

  2. Cole – I’m so happy you had a great year and I’m super proud of you! Your plants turned out so well and I loved your poem that you wrote this year! I hope you continue to play the sports you enjoy and I’m glad you tried rugby this year too! I am really looking forward to our summer holiday! I love you very much.

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