I’m growing plants

At home I am growing watermelon and peas.
We started growing our plants at school and then my teacher let the whole class take home their 2 plants.
I am also growing plants outside that I did on my own and there are peas that have little flowers.
I can’t wait until my plants give me a watermelon and lots of peas.
On my pea plant, the leaves are sort of yellowish in colour.
On my watermelon plant, it has 7 leaves and on one leaf there is a rip.





7 thoughts on “I’m growing plants

  1. YUM! I always think that growing your own food is like magic! Just think, from a little seed comes something you can eat!

  2. Wow you have a green thumb cole! Keep up the good work and soon you will be able to feed your whole family with lovely fruits and vegetables. 🙂 Imagine if you grew so much food that you never had to go to the grocery store again!

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