2018 going into 2019

Although 2018 was a good year, it was also pretty rough for me and other people. I had an emergency appendix, my dad had an emergency gallbladder, my mom got her inguinal hernia removed, my older sister Claire, kept fainting for no reason and my younger sister Cate, well it seemed as if everything was going right for her.

There were many things that went well though in 2018 such as being chosen to go to Sweden for a soccer tournament and many other things.  Some related to school and soccer but another soccer example would be winning a bring it indoors tournament which was also very fun scoring five goals in four games.

Now I am thankful for all the good things that have happened to me this year but if I could go back, I would definitely not have a repeat of this year but at the same time, I would love to have a repeat of this year. So in 2019, I would love to have a better year health-wise, and the same amount of energetic and fun things. Such as going to Australia, Maui, Toronto and many other places.

We also got to enjoy England’s good journey to the semi-final in the World Cup. Not only were things good for me, but an example would also be my younger sister, Cate, getting the main part in her opera and nailing it! So as 2018 ends, all I want for 2019 is a happy, healthy and energetic year. So for now, BYE 2018! AND HELLO 2019!

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Maui Is Over!

We came back from Maui last week.
You have to take a flight to Vancouver from Maui, then to Victoria.
The flight to Vancouver from Maui was 6 hours!
And the flight to Victoria from Vancouver was about 25 minutes.
Our plane ride to Vancouver was at 11:05 P.M Maui time.
We landed at 5:30 A.M!
But Maui was very fun and cool.
My favourite beach of all of them is called D.T Fleming.
The waves are way taller than me!!!
I really want to go there every year.
We took Air Canada Rouge.
I really like their new uniforms.

The Gala

Today December  7 2013 me and my family are going to our school gala.

When I get there I am going to eat then ask my parents if I can go play with my friends, Jonah J, Ethan, Alec, Daniel, Bhavi, and all the people in my class.

Last year the girls chased me and all my friends too.

Now that’s what you call fun.


Xmas is here!
I am so happy. Christmas is for having fun, being kind (for example, giving money to charity) and celebrating events like Christmas Eve, Boxing Day,
and special events such as school stuff or party’s at our home or other houses.
I can’t wait until this moment 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1…. ITS 2014!!! HAVE FUN
I also like singing Christmas carols, do you?

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