Geronimo Stilton( Book 3)

1) What is the name of the book?

Geronimo Stilton the Haunted Castle.

2) What is the book about? Who are the main characters?

A mouse that travels. Geronimo Stilton is the main character.

3) What was your favourite part of the book.

When they are traveling and they get lost.

4) What was the funniest part of the book?

When they have a wedding.

5) What did you learn from reading the book?

To always have a map.




6 thoughts on “Geronimo Stilton( Book 3)

  1. Cole, sounds like a cool book. I have been lost quite a few times since I have been here in Copenhagen, but I have always had a map to get re-orientated. Have you ever been traveling and have gotten lost?
    Keep up your reading buddy 🙂

  2. Cole – I loved reading this book with you and having us each take turns read a few pages at a time. I think the wedding was a great part of the book as well. Why not share a few more details about the haunted castle itself? Why did Geronimo go into the castle? Who was that really scary mouse that he met? I think the readers of your blog would love to hear a few more details.

    Now we are starting to read Bad Kitty – which are very funny books so I hope the next book report is about bad kitty taking the bath because we laughed and laughed imagining Lucca getting a bath, didn’t we?

    xoxoxo mommy

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