My play

At school we had our play on Friday.

It was about a cuckoo that saved our lives.

It took us 2 Months to practice.

The cuckoo was Jamie. Arjun was the fire of God. Daniel was the water God.
Eva, Evalida, Josie and Lauren were the baby cuckoos.

I was a narrator.

Here are some photos.




6 thoughts on “My play

  1. Sounds like the play was a lot of hard work and fun! Congratulations! I love the costumes. I think I might copy the ‘god of fire’ costume for Halloween in October.

  2. Your musical was fantastic Cole and I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it as much as you did. I really like the message about not judging others from how they look – it’s so important to treat everyone equally and with love and acceptance. You sang and spoke very well. I was SUPER PROUD of you. xoxo

  3. Looking cool dude 🙂 Who helped you make your costume? Attaching the beak onto the nose of the glasses is very clever!

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