How I Feel About Grade 3

Grade 3 is really really fun.
In grade 3 we have lots of math.
In grade 3 we have a math game called Why not give it a try?
( Really try it )
IXL is for grades 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. It is awesome.
My sister has a hurt ankle which happened about 4 Months ago. I hope she gets better.
Every night we make our lunch. We have a check board so that we know what food to pack.



12 thoughts on “How I Feel About Grade 3

  1. Wow.. making your own lunch! Good work! What is your favorite thing to take for lunch.
    Glad you hear you are having fun with math… Math is cool.

  2. Hi Cole – Congratulations on entering Grade 3, and likewise, your excellent math and spelling results. Keep up the good work

  3. Hi Cole – I love that you enjoy IXL and I’m impressed at how strong your math skills are. Great job, by the way, on your last spelling test – 18/18. We had fun studying together, didn’t we? I’m glad that you hope Claire will get better soon – that’s a good big brother! Love mommy xoxox

  4. Hey cole šŸ™‚
    Through IXL are you getting better and better at math?
    What’s your favourite thing to pack in your lunch?
    See you next week!

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