Bully Free!

20130929-150518.jpgSome of us have bully moments. Like me, I have bully moments at home and I am working on them, such as:

  • Don’t name call or gossip
  • No hitting
  • Not to push
  • And any other bad thing

I am working on getting better. I hope you don’t bully.


9 thoughts on “Bully Free!

  1. I’m glad you think Mr. Hawes is funny Cole. The Canucks start this Thursday against the Sharks in San Jose and the first home game is Saturday. Thank you for being nice to your sisters – I (and they) appreciate it. 🙂 Love Daddio.

  2. Ok dad I want to write longer like this.
    Dad when are the Vancouver Canucks going to start?
    Mr.Hawes is funny.
    I will be nice to Claire and Cate.
    But sometimes they are mean.

  3. It is great that you are working on not being a bully. It would be great if everyone could work on the same thing. Congrats.

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