Real Madrid VS Athlectico Madrid FIRST HALF

Real Madrid FCV.S

Atletico Madrid FC

By: Cole Pontefract & Ravi MacLean

“Hello Cole and welcome back to the santiago bernabeu stadium, What do you think about this champions league final”. “Well thanks, I think it’s going to be an exciting match of football”.”Yes what makes this game so exciting is that it is a champions league final and that they are both evenly matched”.”I think that this game is going to be very tight and both teams are going to have to work hard”. “Now for the starting line up for Real Madrid. Navas at GK. Arbeloa as RB, Varane as LCB, Ramos as RCB, Marcelo as LB, Modric RCM, Kroos CDM, Rodriguez LCM, Bale RW and Benzema at ST, last but not least CRISTIANO RONALDO!!!” “Now for the atletico madrid lineup so we have Moya in GK and Filipe luis at LB, Gimenez at RCB,Godin LCB,Juanfran at RB now to the midfield So for LM they have Carrasco, Saul Niguez at LCM Koke at RCM,Fernando torres at RM, Now the main man at ST Antoine Griezmann”.   

“Thanks Ravi for that. “Now not just to mention the skill Real madrid has upfront but the only problem is that Real Madrid will have a tough time getting through Atletico Madrid’s defence.   

“Our referee for today is William Jones.” “Yes he’s from Canada.”Well great talk and we will see you at the start of the game.”Now Real kickoff ronaldo passes to Bale, Bale to Marcelo”.” Marcelo is taking his time. He looks back at Navas to see if he is open and it turns out he is.” “Marcelo tries to pass it back but it’s a horrible pass and it goes out for a corner.” “Now Carrasco steps up to take the corner. It goes straight to Juanfran and he pushes over Marcelo.” “That’s a good call from the ref I’d say. Just a yellow card.”Now Navas takes the free kick he boots it to Ronaldo and Ronaldo dekes past two men and goes in and shoots, Ronaldo has tried to put it top corner”. “Keeper with absolutely outstanding save”.

WOW!!!” “Did you see that save.” “Yes Moya has been on spectacular form lately and I pretty sure he will make team off the week.”Yes and if he doesn’t I don’t know who will.” “Definitely not Neuer he let his team go down against Atletico Madrid in the semi final.” “Hahaha” “Now It’s a corner for Real Madrid’s Rodriguez he crosses it to Benzema and Benzema heads it and just misses.” “ I must say this has been quite the game so far.” We are now at the 15 minute mark.””I got to say Griezmann has been playing really hard, playing really nice through balls. “Ravi do you think he played better for Real Sociedad or for Atletico Madrid.” Well Cole I gotta say I would probably say for Atletico .” Thanks for your words of advice Ravi.” Yes he has been working really hard. do you think he will score cole.” “No. I just think he’s going to be a playmaker today.” That could be the case I mean as we have already seen he has been setting up plays they just need to be more clinical in front of net.” Now back to the game oh wait whats this Bale has been sent off for swearing at Griezmann”.” Oh yes Ravi I heard it all we just talked to a guy called Justin, who said it had something to do with his parents and some swear words.” “So now Atletico are on an attack carrasco passes it to Griezmann gets past one man, past two, He shoots and he Scores with a beautiful curling shot into the top corner.” “That’s definitely making it into the top 50 plays of the month.” Yes.“We are now at the 30th minute mark.” “Atletico Madrid are winning 1-0.” So now kroos with the ball he passes it to modric, Modric to benzema he shoots but Moya with ANOTHER OUTSTANDING SAVE!!!!! “Now it’s a corner and Kroos tries to cross it but godin clears it.” “Godin has been playing the best he probably could be in his position. He just clears it and is playing smart.” “Yes he is very gifted at defending. “”So is Boateng, but Godin is playing MUCH MUCH better than Boateng.” “I can agree with you Cole.” “It makes sense to say that right now.” “Now it is the 44th minute. Gimenez has given away a free kick at the 35yd line.” “Cristiano Ronaldo has been tripped.” “It is a free kick. The ref is counting. WOW, 35 yard free kick Ronaldo is about to take. It was just like the old days when he played for Man United and scored every goal in free kicks.” “Haha nice one Cole.” “Cristiano Ronaldo come up, he takes it.” “He knuckleballs it and OH MY GOD HE SCORED FROM INCREDIBLE RANGE!!! “That’s unbelievable. 35 yards out. “My oh my.”Now it is halftime we will see you during the halftime talks, so what do you think of this game so far Cole.” “I think that Atletico’s defence will make sure that nothing else will get by them and that they don’t give anymore freekicks away because as we have seen Ronaldo will pounce on the mistake


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