Chapter 1: The Wild Safari

Chapter 1

BEEP BEEP BEEP the alarms went off. Jack and John were on a cruise ship sound asleep until they heard the alarms. They woke up startled. John had a HUGE phobia of ships so this just made it worse.

There was an announcement on the PA system.

John started to panic. John was being tackled by Jack saying something blurry. He couldn’t really understand. Just then Jack woke up John saying, “Pack your bags John, we are going on a cruise!”

“Thank God it was JUST a dream,” said John.

Jack and John both packed their bags and left their home to go to the dock. John is always afraid that he will not pack something or forget it. Then Jack siad, as he always does, “Okay Melman, you’re going to be okay.”

Finally they got on the ship and left. Like always, John was worrying about the ship sinking or forgetting something while Jack was enjoying the all-day buffet.

When they were past the turning and big waves,  Jack and John both met up at the front deck. They thought they should go to their rooms and unpack. So they did.

They found out that their rooms were room 401. “Hey that’s my favourite highway 401, the one in Ontario to Montreal,” John said proudly. Jack just rolled his eyes at him. Then they opened their bags and started to unpack.

Chapter 2 coming soon.


One thought on “Chapter 1: The Wild Safari

  1. Hi Cole

    What a well written story, I look forward to reading chapter 2

    Love Granddad


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