The wild Safari CHAPTER TWO


The PA system was going off saying, “STAY CALM, DON’T PANIC YOU ARE GOING TO BE OKAY!” Of course John was panicking while Jack was keeping him calm.

Jack decided to take John down to the tea room to get him some Lavender Tea. When they got down to the tea room their hearts sank.



Chapter 2  


They were frightened. John ran up the stairs screaming, “ WATER IN THE BOAT ,THERE’S WATER IN THE BOAT!” John would not stop screaming.

“All I wanted was to give John some tea.” Jack mumbled. Then the PA system went off again, “ Hi guys we have taken a look at the boat and we are proud to say that the boat is sinking. Our advice for you are to get on a lifeboat and to stay calm. Thanks for traveling with awesome sauce ferries. Hope too see you soon.”

 Now Jack and John were lost. They started calling out for each other. But they could not find each other. Then all of a sudden the lights went out. Now if you were John you would be having a heart attack, but John just stayed calm and just kept on looking.

Just then Jack bumped into someone saying, “ GET OUT OF MY WAY I’M FINDING MY FRIEND!” Just then Jack realized that the person that he bumped into was actually John. They had to get out of the boat. They ran and ran to the edge of the boat.

All the lifeboats were gone, they were one of the only people on the ship left. They only had one option, To jump. John wanted to get his stuff and then go but Jack said no every time he asked. “Come on John we have no choice.” Said Jack angry.

Just then Jack took John by the arm and went to the end of the boat and Jumped. They landed in the water very cold even though it was only 7:30 at night. Jack was starting to freak out also. Just then they saw a very tiny island. “HAWAII!!! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE!” John said so happy. John just laughed and said, “Dude, Not Hawaii look how small the island is.”      


One thought on “The wild Safari CHAPTER TWO

  1. Hi Cole

    An excellent chapter, I am really interested in what happens to Jack and John on the little island.

    Love Granddad

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