During the christmas break, my family and I went to Australia. We spent 3 and a half weeks there. We were in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney Manly Beach, Sorento, Adelaide and Melbourne. This was probably the best three weeks of my life!

It all started out in Brisbane. We started out the trip by going to this resort to just get used to the time change which by the way is plus one day and six hours and to just start out the trip with relaxing. The place was BEAUTIFUL! Amazing pools with amazing places to go eat and amazing beaches! It was a perfect place to start out the trip.

Then we went to Byron Bay. Probably one of the best places I have ever been. With everyone there being so nice and the weather was beautiful! We met these people at the place we were staying at and two minutes later we were tackling each other in the waves. They were really nice and were very fun to be around. Before we left I even got there snapchat to stay in touch.

Then we went to Sydney but stayed in Manly Beach. The waves there were SO nice. With the current being really strong. Although I was missing my friends already, I was excited to be exploring Sydney Australia for the second time. We stayed at a place right across the beach and the sound of the waves crashing were amazing from our place.

After exploring Sydney, we ended up in Sorento. It was so peaceful and beautiful. On new years eve we had a wedding with with REALLY good family friends on a beautiful place at the perfect time. And soon enough it was 2018!

After the beautiful wedding we headed down to Adelaide. It had a lot of beautiful wineries and a lot of stunning buildings. We even visited some friends that used to live in Victoria but moved back to Australia and had dinner there for two nights. It was amazing. With fun tennis matches, cricket matches and fun pool games.

On the last day we were there, we decided to do a day trip to Melbourne. There was so much architecture and beautiful buildings. It was also very hot. After the day trip, it was time to head home the next day. Sad, but had to go.

We got home and after a week at home our parents said to us, “So did you guys have fun in Australia?” “YA! We loved it!” We responded. “Well good news is we are going back!”




One thought on “Australia

  1. Hey Cole
    Thanks for sharing your Australian holiday. It is great that you have the opportunity to visit other countries and experience their lifestyle and culture. I’m sure you will find yourself back there again soon!

    Love Granddad

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