First Wave Season Game Ever

As I walk out onto the field I take a breath, give my team mate the pinny, and run onto the field. It was about 15 minutes into the game. We were up 1-0. After a few minutes, the other team equalized. I was frustrated. I did not want a draw or a loss on my debut. After some time, we started to play balls into space a bit better and turning into defenders less. As one of my team mates passed me the ball, I quickly gave the ball back as a “one two” He got fowled and was hurt. I went up to him and asked, “Are you ok?” He responded, “Ya.” And got back up. We then had a free kick. I wanted to take it but he earned it. He took a few steps back, the ref blew his whistle and he shot it. What seemed to be an amazing free kick turned out to be another save for there keeper. The other team worked the ball up the field but then one of our defenders cleared the ball and it was me vs a defender. He was ahead of me just by a little bit. I quickly got in front of him, headed the ball to the ground and shot. “YAAA” I hear the crowd go as my team rushes to me. I had scored to make it 2-1 just before the end of the half. But before the half can end, I have another chance. The defenders are there, he goes to tackle me but I cut the ball back, and I shoot, but in the end its blocked by one of there defenders. What should of been a corner turned out to be half time. Right before we go on, we always do a cheer. This time they let me do it. Once again, I was starting the half off.

After a few minutes we get a penalty. My team mate goes up to shoot, and scores. 3-1. 5 minutes into the second half, I hear my coach say, “Cole, warm up.” I run to the flag, do some stretches and take one more small drink of my water. 2 minutes later, I sub the same player on. I got subbed on when we had a corner. I raise my hand and yell, “HERE” and my friend crosses the ball. I run to the ball, jump but I just goes wide. “Don’t close your eyes Cole!” I tell myself. Once again we were on a 4 v 3 (4 attackers and 3 defenders) My team mate sends the ball a little a bit ahead of me and I run onto it. I take a touch and shoot before the defenders can catch me. 4-1. Amazing. Everyone was so happy. Once again, we go back to our half and we restart the game. A few minutes later, I could not believe my luck. I was on a 1 v 1 with this defender. I knew I was faster so I kicked the ball up, ran around the defender, got the ball back and this time, I put the ball into the bottom left corner. Hat trick! 5-1. Everyone runs up to me and I felt satisfied with the way I was playing. Next thing I hear is my coach, he tells me, “Cole, switch with Koss!” Koss was right back (defender)

The last few minutes we were just defending and then the ref blew full time. 5-1 FT. “What a great way to start the season.” I tell myself.



3 thoughts on “First Wave Season Game Ever

  1. Cole, I loved reading this post! You provide some excellent details so that I can accurately picture that game in my mind. I’m so thrilled for you that you are playing for this team and that your level of competitive soccer is increasing. You are developing into a very strong and competitive player. Keep it up! xo

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