Soccer Tournament In Sweden

Earlier on this year, I was selected with 13 other boys from Vancouver Island to represent Canada in a soccer tournament. In order to attend this tournament, you need fitness, skill and you also need to raise $1,500. The players were selected this year and the tournament will be next summer in July of 2019.

The tournament is called, “Gothia Cup” and the dates are 15 of July to the 21 of July. Since I’m going there now, my parents are thinking of doing a trip around Europe. There are around 80 nations going and 1700 teams going. The call this tournament the “Youth World Cup”

The team that I am going with is called, “Island Fire”




2 thoughts on “Soccer Tournament In Sweden

  1. Congratulations Cole on being selected, and going to Sweden to play!! I’m sure you will do well and enjoy visiting a different country


  2. Wonderful. I look forward to hearing about the results and about your trip around Europe as well. Now all you need to do is recuperate and have a great season this year, getting ready for next year.

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