Lion Book Review

Lion is an outstanding book and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in learning about determination, resilience, courage and staying calm. It starts out with a boy from a poor village in India named (Saroo) who gets lost on a journey. He has no way of getting home but more importantly no way of remembering of how to get home because he is only five years of age. Think of it this way, your five years old and you somehow get lost from your family and friends. What would you do? That is exactly what young Saroo thought to himself at the time when he got lost. He then began to wander around homeless and nowhere to go or sleep. After some time, he wandered up to an orphanage and was adopted by a family in Australia with many other children. Some time then passes in the book and Saroo is having flashbacks and is wanting to return back to his home. He has no way of remembering where he lives but he does remember one thing, the train he was on. I do not want to spoil much more because I 100% recommend reading this book. In the end Saroo uses a program “Google Earth” and attempt to find his way home. I think the perseverance shown in this TRUE story makes the story grab you more and more. This is the type of book that will make you sit there forever and make you forget that you are reading because you can picture it so well.

lion book cover


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