Rough day

Yesterday I woke up and I was non-stop shaking and was sweating my bed out.
I almost felt like I was swimming.
I went to my parents room crying and told them I felt like I was going to be sick!!!
I told them that I was swimming in sweat but then I felt a tickle, then a twitch and I said OH NO!
And I ran to the bathroom sweating my body off and tears rolling down my face.
But when I opened my mouth a wave of vomit came out of my mouth.
And after I stopped, my mom gave me some water and gravol.
Well, unfortunately, two minutes later I vomited again.
And I said, “why did it have to be me??”



Being home sick

It has been 2 days since I have been sick at home.

I just had my X-Ray yesterday. The X-Ray photos were taken on my knee.

I had to wear something really weird. It was blue, it was long and it felt really weird. It’s called a gown.

I think you wear it if you are getting surgery too.

I am at home now sick, coughing, sneezing too.


PS. This is my 50th post.