Rough day

Yesterday I woke up and I was non-stop shaking and was sweating my bed out.
I almost felt like I was swimming.
I went to my parents room crying and told them I felt like I was going to be sick!!!
I told them that I was swimming in sweat but then I felt a tickle, then a twitch and I said OH NO!
And I ran to the bathroom sweating my body off and tears rolling down my face.
But when I opened my mouth a wave of vomit came out of my mouth.
And after I stopped, my mom gave me some water and gravol.
Well, unfortunately, two minutes later I vomited again.
And I said, “why did it have to be me??”



4 thoughts on “Rough day

  1. Wowie sounds like a rough day! I hope that that sickness didn’t last too long. Is that the sickest you have ever been?
    Miss you plenty!
    Love allexa

  2. Hey Bud, that sucks big time. Rest well. Lots of fluids. I am sending strength and calm rest along with caring love. Get better!

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