Newtons laws of Motion


Today in science class we did a Car Ramp experiment. We were dropping the car from the same height on a ramp on a few books. We were measuring the distance the car went. We were adding a marble every time we did a try. My hypothesis was that the less the marbles the further it would go because I thought the marbles would weigh it down to slow it down and making it turn.

After doing the test my conclusion is that my hypothesis was wrong. The more the marble the further it went.


Poverty Simulation Reflection

Today in class we did a simulation about poverty. We had two teams. 1, The Havealottas and the Haveanotta. The Havealottas were the rich group and the group with all the good items.

I was in the Haveanottas. The groups were random. The purpose of this Simulation was to get the feel of poverty and how a person/family comes from poverty to becoming wealthy and has enough to live freely.

An example of a kid who was in poverty but then became famous was Cristiano Ronaldo. As a kid Ronaldo suffered from growth pain and his family was very very poor.

The simulation mirrored the cycle of poverty by how we had to make somewhat unfair deals but then if we got more money we could progress to a more healthy and better life.


“We don’t want to tell our dreams, we want to show them.” ~C. Ronaldo~

Ronaldo as a Kid                 Documentary about Poverty




Scrolling Through Grade 6

First Term in!:)
The first term in middle school. One word, WOW. This is like the next chapter in the book, instead the book is life. I really enjoy middle school, It’s really easy if you put your mind to it, for example let’s talk about soccer. Soccer is a game, and so is school, to me at least. And for soccer when I put my mind to it I know I will play well, if I put my mind to school it’s as easy as scoring a goal on my sister (no offence).I have been at SMUS since I was in grade 1, (2011) My favorite class so far is Math and PE. I also like Humanities. The teachers are AWESOME! This is a very good school and I love how much sports and other academic work they give us, So in my conclusion is if we all put our minds to school it will all be as easy as scrolling a webpage that’s why I’m going to be scrolling through grade 6.  

Pax: A book review

Pax is a story about a fox and a boy who get split and the journey to find each other again. Earlier this year I wrote a blog saying we found PAX.Click here to go to that blog post. The characters in PAX are: Peter, Dad, Vola, And now the foxes in the story: Pax, Runt, Bristle. Peter is a very happy kid and loves his fox Pax. War breaks out and Peter’s dad has to go to war. Before he has to go to war they have to drop off Pax. Peter gets really sad and he letś go Pax. One funny and Cute thing that Pax says to Peter is, ¨Oh no, heś leaking again.¨ The author for this book is Sara Pennypacker. She has added great Dialog and great feelings. 

Science field trip

Today in school we went to UVIC to learn about the solar system and all the planets. We learned about Kepler 22-B being the only other planet “Out there” That has life on it because it is close enough to the sun and not to far away from the sun. (The Goldie locks zone)

One thing that I found really interesting is that NASA sent out a rocket-ship to go further than Pluto lies right now and to go to further places that we have never been to before.

One thing that I am now interested in is how stars are created and how they can grow up just like us and then eventually turn old and then explode.

BreakoutEDU Pax

Yesterday we did a Breakout EDU Friday September 29, 2016. We did a scavenger hunt/ Pax adventure. Pax is written by Sara Pennypacker and illustrated by Jon klassen.

We had to figure out two codes, one combo and one letters. I was more focused on the combo lock because I know how to work those looks.

It was really fun and all of my class had a great time especially when we unlocked it. Personally the thing that went most well for me was finding all of the clues to get closer and closer to figuring out the code.

The thing that I found most trickey was cracking the lock but what made that easier was finding the clues. The thing that I would do next time is be more open and more observant.


Mr Stink By David Walliams

Mr Stink

By: David Walliams


“Mr Stink stank. He also stunk. And if it’s correct English to say he stinked, then he stinked as well. He was the stinkiest stinky stinker who ever lived. A stink is the worst type of smell. A stink is worse than a stench. And a stench is worse than a pong. And a pong is worse than a whiff. And a wiff can make your nose wrinkle.”




Mr Stink: An old tramp who lives on the streets that just wants to help out, Chloe: A curious girl that just wants to know everything, Annabelle: The younger sister of Chloe that respects mom and dad and is a tattle tale, Mom: One of those mom’s that tells lies to become famous, Dad: One of those honest dad’s that just tells the truth and, Duchess (The Dog)


Favourite Part Of Story


My personal favourite part of the story was when the mom lies and says “I invited this stinky old tramp to live in my house” When Chloe actually did. The journalist was there when the mom said that and the journalist said “You’re probably going to be a MP and be on the newspaper!” This was my favourite part because she was drooling on the phone and she likes him even though she has a husband.



I wondered why the mom wanted to be the MP so much. Then I read some more and found out that she just wanted to be famous.



1.  When Chloe is sticking up for mr stink  when the MP is making fun of him while Chloe is scared of bullies.{This has happened to me when my friend was being bullied by a grade 5 kid and I stuck up for him.} 2. When Annabelle is trying to make Chloe in trouble. {I have done this before to my SISTERS and trying to get them into trouble.