Lion Book Review

Lion is an outstanding book and I recommend it to everyone who is interested in learning about determination, resilience, courage and staying calm. It starts out with a boy from a poor village in India named (Saroo) who gets lost on a journey. He has no way of getting home but more importantly no way of remembering of how to get home because he is only five years of age. Think of it this way, your five years old and you somehow get lost from your family and friends. What would you do? That is exactly what young Saroo thought to himself at the time when he got lost. He then began to wander around homeless and nowhere to go or sleep. After some time, he wandered up to an orphanage and was adopted by a family in Australia with many other children. Some time then passes in the book and Saroo is having flashbacks and is wanting to return back to his home. He has no way of remembering where he lives but he does remember one thing, the train he was on. I do not want to spoil much more because I 100% recommend reading this book. In the end Saroo uses a program “Google Earth” and attempt to find his way home. I think the perseverance shown in this TRUE story makes the story grab you more and more. This is the type of book that will make you sit there forever and make you forget that you are reading because you can picture it so well.

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Youth World Cup (Gothia Sweden) fund raising

So, as the school year approaches and the soccer season starts up again, my team and I all have Gothia on our minds now. Every single thing we do now is to help us in the near future. So far I have raised quite a bit of money by going to people’s door and asking if they would be interested in buying a raffle ticket to win a gift basket from a local Cafe and a wine bottle from Napa Valley. I am doing some other things but now it’s time for me to do a GoFundMe.

GoFundMe is a way for people to donate to me and is an awesome company founded by Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester back in 2010. Since then, the company has raised over 5 BILLION dollars! That’s right you read that correct, 5 billion dollars. Not only is it a way to raise money, but it is a way to share your stories to others and why you are doing this and other things like how you got to where you are now.

Using this link here, even you can help me achieve this dream by donating.  By the beginning of the may long weekend 2019 I need to have raised $3000 dollars minimum. It is very appreciated if you would donate.

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World Cup Predictions

On June 14, the 2018 Russia world cup starts! The last world cup was in Brazil and Germany won. They beat Argentina 1-0 in extra time. The tournament starts out with 8 groups with 4 nationalities in each group and there are 32 teams in total. In this post, I will be predicting the 2018 World Cup.


Group A: Russia, Uruguay, Egypt and Saudia Rabia|Group B: Iran, Spain, Portugal and Morocco| Group C: France, Peru, Denmark and Australia| Group D: Argentina, Croatia, Nigeria and Iceland| Group E: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Costa Rica|Group F: Germany, Mexico, Sweden and South Korea|Group G: England, Belgium, Panama and Tunsia| Group H: Colombia, Japan, Poland and Senegal

 My Predictions

In group A, I predict that Uruguay and Egypt are going through. In group B, Spain and Portugal. Group C, France and Denmark. Group D, Argentina and Iceland. Group E, Brazil and Costa Rica. Group F, Germany and Sweden. Group G, Belgium and England. And last but not least, Group H, Colombia and Poland.

Now, in the tournament tree, on the left-hand side for the round of sixteen, Uruguay lost to Portugal 2-1, France beat Iceland 3-1, Brazil beat Sweden 4-1 and Belgium beat Poland 2-0. On the right-hand side of the tournament tree, Spain beat Egypt 3-1, Argentina beat Denmark 4-1, Germany beat Costa Rica 4-0 and Colombia lost to England 2-1.

In the quarterfinals on the left-hand side, France beat Portugal 4-2 on PK’S after being a 1-1 draw and Brazil beat Belgium 3-1. On the right-hand side, Spain beat Argentina 2-0 and Germany beat England 3-1.

In the semi-finals on the left-hand side, France beat Brazil 3-2 and on the right-hand side, Germany beat Spain 1-0.

In the third place game, Spain beat Brazil 1-0. And, in the 2018 World Cup Final, I predict that Germany will beat France 2-1.

What You Have To Know

This is a prediction and this is not who I want to win. Yes, I am cheering for England, Germany, France and Iceland but mainly for Germany and England. I would also like to see Iceland do well since it is there the first time in the world cup. I think Iceland will do well because of how well they played in the 2016 Euros. (Portugal won)

Russia World Cup 2018 Tournament Tree 2


Soccer Tournament In Sweden

Earlier on this year, I was selected with 13 other boys from Vancouver Island to represent Canada in a soccer tournament. In order to attend this tournament, you need fitness, skill and you also need to raise $1,500. The players were selected this year and the tournament will be next summer in July of 2019.

The tournament is called, “Gothia Cup” and the dates are 15 of July to the 21 of July. Since I’m going there now, my parents are thinking of doing a trip around Europe. There are around 80 nations going and 1700 teams going. The call this tournament the “Youth World Cup”

The team that I am going with is called, “Island Fire”



My Soccer Speech

Did you know that soccer is the most popular sport in the world?

Soccer is a game that has 11 people playing at once on a team.  The match is 90 minutes long and the winner is the team that has the most goals unless the other team forfeits.  Because of the personal fitness, accessibility and team aspects of soccer, it is an amazing sport for everyone.

To begin, soccer can make you healthy. You roughly burn 612 calories in a 1-hour soccer match. In addition, it adds muscle and endurance.

Playing soccer helps work fast-twitch and slow-twitch during explosive moments. Playing soccer makes you use every major muscle group including your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and many more. Also, according to the Mayo Clinic, exercise can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and can add a better quality sleep time

Secondly, Soccer is great because anyone can play it.

To play hockey you need to pay an average of $150 to $1000 for equipment. The average cost for soccer is $30 to $400, depending on the type of equipment. This is because the equipment is cheap to purchase compared to other sports, again depending on what type. It is also a worldwide sport that is played in a lot of countries.

According to a survey that FIFA published in 2011 over 240 million people from more than 200 countries play soccer regularly.  Soccer is played at many different levels of skill and competition so that everyone can play if they want to. For example, you could have Bronze for beginners. Then you could have Silver for intermediate players. And then there is Gold for players who are strong and fit that level of competition.

Finally, Soccer brings people together. One way is because it is a team sport.

Soccer brings people together because it is a way to branch out and get to know others. With many different competitions for example world cup or UCL, you can get people together if they are on the same team. It is watched live by lots of faithful cheering fans.

Not only does it bring people together it is a way to have something to cheer for. In 2014 during the world cup final there were 3.2 billion people watching either at the game or at home on TV. The record for the most hockey viewers in a match is only 12 million people at the game or watching on TV.

Not only can you play soccer, you can even talk about it! This brings people together because it can start conversations and is just something good to talk about.

In conclusion, soccer is an amazing sport because it is a way to get healthy, a good fit for everyone and it is fun to play. For me, I don’t know what I would do if soccer wasn’t in my life.  

Manchester United v Manchester City - Premier League

First Wave Season Game Ever

As I walk out onto the field I take a breath, give my team mate the pinny, and run onto the field. It was about 15 minutes into the game. We were up 1-0. After a few minutes, the other team equalized. I was frustrated. I did not want a draw or a loss on my debut. After some time, we started to play balls into space a bit better and turning into defenders less. As one of my team mates passed me the ball, I quickly gave the ball back as a “one two” He got fowled and was hurt. I went up to him and asked, “Are you ok?” He responded, “Ya.” And got back up. We then had a free kick. I wanted to take it but he earned it. He took a few steps back, the ref blew his whistle and he shot it. What seemed to be an amazing free kick turned out to be another save for there keeper. The other team worked the ball up the field but then one of our defenders cleared the ball and it was me vs a defender. He was ahead of me just by a little bit. I quickly got in front of him, headed the ball to the ground and shot. “YAAA” I hear the crowd go as my team rushes to me. I had scored to make it 2-1 just before the end of the half. But before the half can end, I have another chance. The defenders are there, he goes to tackle me but I cut the ball back, and I shoot, but in the end its blocked by one of there defenders. What should of been a corner turned out to be half time. Right before we go on, we always do a cheer. This time they let me do it. Once again, I was starting the half off.

After a few minutes we get a penalty. My team mate goes up to shoot, and scores. 3-1. 5 minutes into the second half, I hear my coach say, “Cole, warm up.” I run to the flag, do some stretches and take one more small drink of my water. 2 minutes later, I sub the same player on. I got subbed on when we had a corner. I raise my hand and yell, “HERE” and my friend crosses the ball. I run to the ball, jump but I just goes wide. “Don’t close your eyes Cole!” I tell myself. Once again we were on a 4 v 3 (4 attackers and 3 defenders) My team mate sends the ball a little a bit ahead of me and I run onto it. I take a touch and shoot before the defenders can catch me. 4-1. Amazing. Everyone was so happy. Once again, we go back to our half and we restart the game. A few minutes later, I could not believe my luck. I was on a 1 v 1 with this defender. I knew I was faster so I kicked the ball up, ran around the defender, got the ball back and this time, I put the ball into the bottom left corner. Hat trick! 5-1. Everyone runs up to me and I felt satisfied with the way I was playing. Next thing I hear is my coach, he tells me, “Cole, switch with Koss!” Koss was right back (defender)

The last few minutes we were just defending and then the ref blew full time. 5-1 FT. “What a great way to start the season.” I tell myself.



During the christmas break, my family and I went to Australia. We spent 3 and a half weeks there. We were in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney Manly Beach, Sorento, Adelaide and Melbourne. This was probably the best three weeks of my life!

It all started out in Brisbane. We started out the trip by going to this resort to just get used to the time change which by the way is plus one day and six hours and to just start out the trip with relaxing. The place was BEAUTIFUL! Amazing pools with amazing places to go eat and amazing beaches! It was a perfect place to start out the trip.

Then we went to Byron Bay. Probably one of the best places I have ever been. With everyone there being so nice and the weather was beautiful! We met these people at the place we were staying at and two minutes later we were tackling each other in the waves. They were really nice and were very fun to be around. Before we left I even got there snapchat to stay in touch.

Then we went to Sydney but stayed in Manly Beach. The waves there were SO nice. With the current being really strong. Although I was missing my friends already, I was excited to be exploring Sydney Australia for the second time. We stayed at a place right across the beach and the sound of the waves crashing were amazing from our place.

After exploring Sydney, we ended up in Sorento. It was so peaceful and beautiful. On new years eve we had a wedding with with REALLY good family friends on a beautiful place at the perfect time. And soon enough it was 2018!

After the beautiful wedding we headed down to Adelaide. It had a lot of beautiful wineries and a lot of stunning buildings. We even visited some friends that used to live in Victoria but moved back to Australia and had dinner there for two nights. It was amazing. With fun tennis matches, cricket matches and fun pool games.

On the last day we were there, we decided to do a day trip to Melbourne. There was so much architecture and beautiful buildings. It was also very hot. After the day trip, it was time to head home the next day. Sad, but had to go.

We got home and after a week at home our parents said to us, “So did you guys have fun in Australia?” “YA! We loved it!” We responded. “Well good news is we are going back!”



Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, a player I have always admired. Ronaldo has no tattoos and does not drink or smoke. He even regularly donates blood to people in need. He has four children named Cristiano Ronaldo Jr, Mateo Ronaldo Alana Martina Ronaldo and Eva Maria Dos Santos Ronaldo.He even donated his golden boot and Ballon D’Or away and raised two million dollars for charities.

He is always encouraging other teammates and even opponents. When Ronaldo was a kid, his family were pretty poor. Even though his family was poor he was popular at his school but he was expelled at his school at the age of 14 after Ronaldo threw a chair at his teacher. Even though that this was a poor choice by Ronaldo he said he did this because his teacher was disrespecting him. Even though he got expelled, it turned out to be a great turning point for Ronaldo.

He has always been my favourite soccer player (well plus a few others) and he is always trying to improve at get better. He loves his family at his children and has always been there for people. I always look up to Ronaldo and don’t know what I would do with out him.


Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala, my favourite soccer player in the world. I watch the 23 year old player play soccer. I have never met Paulo Dybala but am hoping to since he has such a big influence on me. I always watch him play soccer and see how he is living his life. He was born in Argentina on November 15, 1993. The roots in his family are also from Poland, Italy and Argentina, but he decided to stay with the country where he was born. This is meaningful because I can watch him and learn lots of new stuff. I love to see how he does his Free Kicks, moves, runs and many more. He is a kind person and loves the beautiful game. By watching Paulo Dybala it affects me by seeing how good he is. It is also amazing that he can just own the pitch. (destroy everyone) He helps his family and he does not smoke. Watching Paulo Dybala play is letting my mind escape to somewhere I can enjoy, learn, be amazed and many more. He also donates blood. To me I find Paulo Dybala as not just my role model but I feel a connection when I watch him play soccer. If I see Paulo Dybala do a new trick, then I go outside and try it myself. The relationship that I have between him and myself is just me watching him and me just supporting him. I’d love to meet him in person one day but for now it is just me watching and learning and praying that I’ll meet him. And once I do, boy will I be happy.

Dybala Goals Against Barcelona

Dybala’s Best Goals 2018

dybala 2


Grade 7 (so far)

Grade 7, more than half way through school. Comparing grade 7 to grade 6, I love it! I have always loved school but the difference between grade 6 and grade 7 is when you hit grade 7 you have more opportunities and options. Middle school is a huge difference from junior school. I love juniour school and all but just middle school is a lot more independent.

This means you can choose what you want to do. Juniour school is just teachers are there to teach and then you also have teachers there that can help you even if you don’t need help. But when you get to middle school the teachers teach you and you listen. There are also teachers there that are there to help but you have to go ask for it.

Personally I love middle school a lot more than juniour school. But yes I still love juniour school. Right now my favourite subjects in school are P.E (obviously) Math, Science, Humanities, Art, Band Communication Skills and Choir. If you count recess as a subject then Recess is the top of the list. All the teachers are there to help and are amazing.